24 Hour Emergency Service

If you require our 24 hour emergency service call us on: 

0131 667-9744


The Bad

Have you just come home to the terrible site that your property has been broken into/vandalised or that someone has attempted to gain access to your property making it vulnerable?  We will secure your property and then carry out the follow on works neccesary to get you back to normal.

The Good

At Southside Glazing And Joinery we understand how much of shock it is to the customer, That is why us getting to you just that little bit quicker to help you get secure is essential to us.

  • Over 90% of Southside Glazing And Joinerys emergency call outs are attended to within an hour from point of first contact.
  • Fast turn around on works.
  • We can communicate directly with your insurance company let us do the talking.

Experience And Knowledge

  • Southside Glazing And Joinery only use fully qualified Tradesmen to carry out emergency secures all of which have atleast 12 years experience.
  • When the time comes and one of our engineers arrives at your property screwing and drilling into the Aluminium/Upvc frame causing un-necessary damage is only done as a LAST resort i.e your window/door frame is already damaged beyond the point of repair and unlockable.
  • A common occurance is companys that attend to secure your property and screw through a perfectly fine, operational and repairbale window frame when originally the only issue was for example a broken double glazed unit. If secured correctly there will be minimal to no damaged to your window frame dependent on various glazing systems.

What Can We Secure

To be honest just about anything aslong as its accessible we have yet to cross something that we cannot secure, below is a list of the most common types of secure.

  • Smashed household windows
  • House hold break-ins/attempted break in
  • Smashed shopfronts
  • Smashed pub/club windows
  • Broken/slipped roof glass
  • Vandalised/Kicked in doors
  • Vandalised window hinges/mechanisms
  • Emergency access gained to properties
  • Commercial properties
  • Any property type secured
  • Vacant properties boarded up
  • All types of windows and door frames can be secured